About Us
Dear Dderechas Community;

First of all we want to thank you for your registration and we hope and wish that we are up to your expectations. On our part, we are going to give everything.

At Dderechas we are here to assist and assist you in everything that is in our power and possibilities. And we are a great team to make everything work in the best way.


A little history

About a year ago, we began to discover how the world of information and social networks were changing for immensely worse. The media (98%), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, did nothing more than invent news (fakes news) about the parties of the Spanish right, it was (and is) like a competition to see who invents and disseminates the most aberrant and scandalous false news, it is still said today, that Mr. Abascal (VoX) proposes that all persons including children carry guns in the street and in the institute. Or that of Mr. Casado (PP) on "the plan for pregnant immigrants".

The Spanish media have fallen to the lowest levels of dignity, lack of scruples, lack of values and credibility in much of society. For them, anything goes for money, "The end justifies the means."

We have seen everything, manipulations, invented news, cuts and hits, biased videos, harassment and demolition against the candidates for the elections, searching even in their most remote past when they were students of the EGB. Right-wing people now receive pearls and descriptions as beautiful as Fachas, Fascistas, Machos, Racists, Homophones, Francoists, etc. All this thanks to the media and its harassment and demolition 24/7.

Faced with this situation, channels began to appear on youtube, bloggers, groups on facebook, twitters and other individuals through the different social networks to make a counter-information with evidence and real data on the BIG information manipulation that was taking place. The result was not long to wait, the Spanish media, created their own cyber police "disguised" as an anti-company "Fakes News", that is, the Spanish left was going to be responsible for monitoring social networks who said the truth or the lie, that is, those who invent the news were going to be the ones who detected them. As you can see this is a total nonsense.

But nevertheless the censorship police, works very well, on facebook they removed more than 1,700 right-wing ideology groups the week before the national elections, the burning of witches does not stop and there are dozens and dozens of people who are from ideology of rights and to record their values and criteria, they are eliminated and expelled from facebook, twitter and youtube DAILY. We already see very defeatist twitt of the type "maybe this is the last" or "I will not say this or what I think because if they do not close the account". In addition they had the most holy to suspend the account of VoX in youtube during more than 3 days to scare over all the right youtubers. Then it was discovered that it was orchestrated by the PRISA group, through the Cadena SER, denouncing in an organized way 3 directors the same video, to give more strength to the blockade.

Well, for all those reasons, a group of people have decided to create the most complete Social Network for the people that are of RIGHTS. Here the youtubers, twitters, bloggers, instagramers and facebookers of RIGHTS, will not have any sword of Damocles on their accounts, nor fear of censorship, blockades or expulsions.

We have created the most complete Social Network that there is currently worldwide, since we intend to offer a complete service for the whole community, among the different social tools, we want to highlight the following:

· .-- - - Dtuber: To create video channels and / or broadcast live

· .-- - - Dblog: For those who love writing, their own blog

· .-- - - Dtwitter: A simple Twitter

· .-- - - Forums: Our own Forum channel, to debate without hairs in the language and without censorship

· .-- - - The Wall: A general wall and another wall only for friends or followers

· .-- - - Groups: You can create all kinds of friendship groups or affinities

· .-- - - Events: Organize parties, events, kedadas, etc.

· .-- - - Mega Chat: A next-generation super chat, where you can create public or private rooms

· .-- - - Classified Ads: A modern milanuncios, with the possibility of enriching ads with videos, audios, rich text, etc. Also with the Labor Exchange and thousands of other sections

· .-- - - Dshop: A great MarketPlace where all companies and businesses can sell their products directly, having direct contact with the final consumer without our intermediation. Each Dshop will have its own privacy policy, pricing, shipping and collections. In addition to your own chat and forum
and a fantastic management program where you can register and download products, follow up shipping for your customers, collections, etc.

· .-- - - Dbusiness: A fantastic showcase and directory of Companies and Services

· .-- - - Albums: of photos, videos, audios and files. You can create as many as you need and put different privacies for each album

· .-- - - Profile privacy: You will have complete privacy on demand, you decide who sees you and who you want to see you

· .-- - - Instant Messenger: A private messenger to chat one by one and also with the possibility of making a webcam

· .-- ---- Compatibility Thermometer: A great tool to see who are the most compatible members within the community

.-- Affiliate Program: A unique opportunity, for all those people who want to collaborate with D-Rights and earn good money

.-- Others: and many more little things that you will discover with the use that you will surely like

We have created this mega Social Network, but without this overloaded with information (each member selects what to see and when), it is intuitive, fresh, dynamic, functional, participatory .... And best of all, for people who are right-wing and do not want censorship.
Our organization chart is as follows:

User Support. A team of 4 people who are in shifts from 09:00 hours until 24:00 hours, to answer any type of doubt or suggestion that may arise. A 5 star service never seen before in any Social Network

Hosting Department. It is a human team in charge of ensuring that servers do not suffer attacks and if they do not affect us, we have unlimited bandwidth constantly and that all applications work properly on servers.

The servers are contracted with the company DataPort, USA (St.Louis). The data center in St. Louis began operating in 2003 and is currently considered one of the most modern data centers in the world.

Software Department. It is the team in charge that we have the best social tools, that they work correctly and are always updated. To create and develop new applications, to solve computer errors and to put security shields for malware (harmful or malicious software).

Marketing department. He is currently working to obtain good and exclusive agreements with large, medium and small companies, so that all the members of Dderechas can benefit.

Department of Community Manager Dderechas. They are the people that you can find on twitter, facebook, google + and other social networks promoting the Community and the companies Dshop and Dbusiness.

Community Administrator. A profile within the Community that is to ensure the proper functioning, detect possible failures and meet demands and requests. It offers a live technical service from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00 hours from Monday to Friday, and from 11:00 to 14:00 hours, on Saturdays and Sundays. However, regardless of the hours of live attention, the Community Administration is managed from 09:00 hours to 24:00 hours, so we will try to meet any demand almost in real time.

Community Manager for Dshop and Dbusiness. All companies and businesses that have contracted the Memberships Dshop Partner and Dbusiness Partner, will have this team to promote their business, service and products beyond our Community.

We are also in these dates preparing a new department that will be "International Department", since we are working to make Dderechas International and we can encompass all right-wing people worldwide, since we know that the evil we suffer here in Spain , it is the same as happens internationally. At present Dderechas can be viewed in Spanish or English natively, soon more native languages will be included.

We want that all the people that are registered in Dderechas, you feel proud to belong to this Community. To know that you are in a Social Network where you are spoiled, you are ATTENDED, your space and PRIVACY are respected, you are constantly working so that you always have the best and the most current, and of course enjoy your lifestyle and ideologies without censorship and with full FREEDOM.

Hence our phrase slogan "Not a step back".

So, dear members of the Community, we thank you again with all our heart.

Greetings and Right-handed Kisses

Of all the Human Team of Dderechas